10th MozCafe Meetup | 23rd FEB 2014 | 4 PM – 6PM IST | Barista, Hyderabad

Hi all,
Blogging has been always fun & it helps to share the experiences ūüôā
We had our 10th MozCafeMeet up recently !! We organized the meet up to introduce Mozilla for new audience and planning of next upcoming events.
4:00 PM – 4:15 PM : Introduction of attendees.
4:15 PM Р5:00 PM : Introduction to Mozilla for new audience by +Srikar Ananthula 
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM : Feedback of FSA’s , GSOC by +sriharsha p¬†, Mozilla Club Hyderabad Future plans
Audience and Size:
About 25+ attended for the meet up which is quite huge when compared to before MozCafe Meetups(Link for MozCafeLabels in MCH)

Reached to the event venue on time. I started introducing myself and later followed by all of them. There are about 5 working professionals, students etc.,
I started talking about mozilla, webmaker, mailing lists, IRC, etc. 
+Santosh Viswanatham Spoke about the FSA Program and their Activities .
+sriharsha p  about GSOC and how it started , how can students take part in it. What are its benefits ? etc..!!

Thanks to +Raghu ram , +Santosh Viswanatham ,Sandeep, Charan Reddy, +sriharsha p , Mukesh, and all other attendees for attending and sharing your knowledge and feedbacks to.
Hope to see you all.


7th MozCafe Hyderabad | 17th March,2013 @ Barista

Hi all,+Mozilla Club Hyderabad has hosted its 7th MozCafe +Barista Lavazza in Hyderabad for about 1.5 hrs.There are about  7 Mozillians +Vineel Reddy Pindi , +Galaxy Kadiyala , +barath vutukuri , +viswanatham santosh , +Raghu ram , +Vivek Kiran , +Srikar Ananthula (Me).

  1. We had a discussion about Firefox Flicks by +Galaxy Kadiyal.
  2. How to expand local community by +Vineel Reddy Pindi
  3. Discussion on delivering sessions in colleges by +Srikar Ananthula
  4. +Vivek Kiran , +Raghu ram , +viswanatham santosh , +barath vutukuri shared their views regarding the Firefox OS and we all are super excited about it.

Thanks to all who participated.


MozCafe Hyderabad – V | 6th January 2013

What: Mozcafe Hyderabad
When: 6th December, 3.00 PM Р6:00PM

Where: Cafe Coffe Day, Beside City Center Mall, BanjaraHills, Hyderabad
Sravanthi talking about B2G. slides from her talk can be found here.
Notes from the meetup:
  • Presentation on Firefox OS for 1hr 30 min with good hands on demos bySri Harsha, Meher Chaitanya, Hemanth Devarapalli and Sravanthi Sinha.
  • There were about 25 mozilla enthusiats at the meetup.
  • Gautham Akiwate gave a short introduction to what is¬†Github,¬†Bugzilla¬†and¬†IRC.
  • Planned for the next meetup which is on 20th January 2013 which is to be held in IIIT-H
  • The enthusiasm was quite huge. The meetup was an interactive and informatory session which made us to learn the basics for the building of FIREFOX OS Apps.
  • Everyone strongly suggested that the Mozilla club Hyderabad have a mailing group to share updates and followup with attendees. You can join the Mozilla Club Hyderabad Google group¬†here.
Sri Harsha talking about Firefox OS. Slides from his talk can be found here.
Next Mozcafe Registration page : http://mozcafehyd.eventbrite.com/
Mozilla Club Hyderabad Twitter : @mozillaclubhyd  (https://twitter.com/mozillaclubhyd)
Pictures of the MozCafe Meet http://www.flickr.com/photos/ananthulasrikar/
Hemanth talking about building Apps for and Firefox OS MarketPlace. Meher talked on Security in Firefox OS, slides can be found here.
Mozilla Rep.

MozCafe Hyderabad – IV 23rd Dec 2012

We hosted our 4th Mozcafe meet up in Hyderabad. This meet was very successful with good number of attendees. 

Vivek, a 10th class student and Srikar, a Mozilla Rep teaching WebMaker tools at MozCafe Hyderabad.
What: Mozcafe Hyderabad
When: 23 December, 3.00 PM Р6:00PM

Where: Barista, beside Google office, Madhapur.
Notes from the meetup:
  • Presentation on Webmaker projects in detail with demos of Timble,Popcorn,Xray-Googgles by Srikar Ananthula, Mozilla Rep from Hyderabad and¬†Vivek¬†, a 10th class student from Kendriya Vidhyalaya, Gachibowli.
  • There were about 30 mozilla enthusiats at the meetup.
  • Planned for the next meetup to discuss about Firefox OS.
  • Expected next Mozcafe is 6th January 2013.
Mozcafe Registration page : http://mozcafehyd.eventbrite.com/
Mozilla Club Hyderabad Twitter Handler : @mozillaclubhyd  (https://twitter.com/mozillaclubhyd)
Pictures of the MozCafe Meet Click Here
Mozilla Rep

MozCoffee Hyderabad – III | 25th November 2012

We hosted our third MozCoffee at Hyderabad this past November. It was productive meetup with great ideas and suggestions.

From left: Vivek, Sai Kiran, Soumya, Vineel, Ajay, Anup, Goutham.
What: Mozilla meetup (anyone interested can join for free)
When: 25 November, 3.00 PM
Where: Barista, beside Google office, Madhapur.
Notes from the meetup:

  • Plan for a major Mozilla event in Hyderabad in early 2013.

— Tracks/Agenda:
— Mozilla –> Background –> Projects
— Firefox OS
— Localization
— SUMO (Support Mozilla)
— QA (Quality Analysis & Testing)
— Webmaker
— Marketing
— WoMoz
— HTML basics –> HTML5 –> Web Apps (help guide to start porting)
— Application Building

Mozilla Session at SNIST

Helloo ,
I am AnanthulaSrikar,persuing my final year in Sreenidhi Insitute Of Science And Technology,Hyderabad,which is top most college in JNTU affialated colleges.
I being selected as a student rep for Mozilla organised the Mozilla Session followed by interative session which was amazing.
There were almost 40-50 students who attended for this session and made it quite intresting..!!!
It was great to be a part of this.
There was a sesison abt 40 min how mozilla community works,its projects to be contributed,how it evolved was the whole agenda of the session and followed by some vedios like mozilla story,manifesto,localization too.
There was Q &A session where the students wer very interative who are from all years of study,they are given goddies for the appropriate answers which was very awesome.It was quite surprising to know that all are very intrested to learn abt the mozilla projects and take them hands on.
I being student representative was vey happy to be in this such a great community and promoting ,making people aware what is mozilla..really i am very happy to be part of it and hope this will be continued in the future too.
Below are the few clicks taken when the session is being held.
Thanks for reading the post,
Mozilla Student Rep,

MozCafe Hyderabad – I Meetup Notes | 11th March 2012

Thrilled to share that, MozCafe-HYD meetup was hosted on March 11, 2012.¬†Thanks to Agiliq for the support, by providing their office as the MozCafe-HYD venue! ūüôā
It was a informal meet with a gathering of 9 people. The meeting started with, attendees introducing to each other and what they work on. Some of the things discussed are:

1. Invite/ associate with active technology groups in Hyderabad(IEEE, ILUG, Wikimedia, E-Telugu, and other communities) that share the same passion. (Update: the idea is that anyone can participate in these meetups and can work together, share knowledge/resources wherever possible. )
2. Attendees talk about the projects they are working on (latest in technology, open source specific)
¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† — Hands on sessions
¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† — Knowledge sharing | Networking
3. Encourage students to be part of these meetups
4. Make a list of upcoming events
5. Plan/ brianstorm on events: hackathons, Java Script conference, etc in the City
Participants at the MozCafe – HYD:
1. Ananthula Srikar
2. Mohan arpit
3. Phaneendra Chiruvella
4. Rohit Vaidya
5. Saket Bushan
6. Santosh Kesiraju
7. Thejaswi Puthraya
8. Veeven
9. Vineel Reddy
It was great meeting you all in person, thanks for attending and thanks to Shakti Kannan & Thejaswi Puthraya in helping plan the meetup.
Sounds interesting? Get involved with the regional community!
Contact one of us or email me at vineel at mozillaindia dot org See you at the next MozCafe РHyd! Stay tuned for more information.