MozKarimnagar V 2.0, Revamp the futue | 2nd Sep 2013

Hi ,I am really super excited about the event happened in Vaageswari College of Engineering with the name “MozKarimnagar V 2.0, Revamp the future” which especially says that “This is the second version of the event” which was really super,awesome and huge success.

Event Details :

The event went very awesome rather than expected I can say.
We planned this event in 4-5 days before the actual date of the event.

Number of Participants attended for the event : 300 +
(Surprisingly 3:1 ratio for Girls to Boys which made us more excited 🙂 (Not about girls 😉 but their interest towards Mozilla 😛 )

Who Organized:
Reps attended : Srikar & Srikanth(Organizer)
Mozillians attended : +sai kiran  , +Raghu ram   , Jai Kasyap (Update the links)

Agenda :

1.Mozilla Introduction – Sai Kiran & Srikanth
2.HTML5,CSS3- Raghuram
3.Firefox OS App Dev- Srikar,Srikanth,Sai Kiran, Raghuram
4.Webmaker ,SUMO,Womoz-Jayanth, Raghuram

Participants :

  1. It was so nice and we learnt a lot.
  2. We understood HTML 5 concepts, Hands on sessions we more awesome.
  3. Remixing Timble is fun.

Principal of College:
Since this event was a huge success, I am very thankful to Mozilla Team who made this huge success. We shall plan a 24 hrs Hackathon in this college.
We : Thanks a lot sir. will sure do it 🙂

Newspaper Clippings :

Sakshi News Paper :
Eeenadu News Paper :
The Hindu News paper:


  1. OpenSource outreach : 100%
  2. Mozilla Products Awareness : 100%
  3. Firefox OS Apps to be published in the Maketplace : 3
  4. Firefox Student Ambassadors signups : 50+ (From various colleges)
  5. New Contributors to Mozilla : 100%
  6. Featured in News Paper : Covered 2 Local , 1 national papers
  7. Mozilla Karimnagar Community becoming stronger community
  8. WebMakers : 20+
  1. No Budget was requested for this event and achieved above metrics which felt us so proud !
  2. Tweets #mozknr 250+ in a day beating all time records of #firefoxappdaysIN
  3. Found that etherpad cannot be accessed by not more than 64 people at a time.

Best Tweets about the event : #mozknr

  1. mentors are just awesome they are very helpfull and cooperative


  2. thanks for the info… webFWD
  3.  @ananthulasrikar . Its like wow here!Power of HTML5 infront!!

Success Party :
After the event which had been grant success, Organizers gave the Speakers Team surprise by cutting the cake since the event was grand success.


I would like to thank specially +srikanth namu for organizing this wonderful event, and thanks to even +sai kiran , +Raghu ram , +jayanth kashyap , +Mukesh Thodupunoori for taking sessions and interacting a lot with the students to explain them very clearly.

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Ananthula Srikar,
Mozilla Rep(REMO) Hyderabad,INDIA
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