MozCafe Hyderabad – I Meetup Notes | 11th March 2012

Thrilled to share that, MozCafe-HYD meetup was hosted on March 11, 2012. Thanks to Agiliq for the support, by providing their office as the MozCafe-HYD venue! 🙂
It was a informal meet with a gathering of 9 people. The meeting started with, attendees introducing to each other and what they work on. Some of the things discussed are:

1. Invite/ associate with active technology groups in Hyderabad(IEEE, ILUG, Wikimedia, E-Telugu, and other communities) that share the same passion. (Update: the idea is that anyone can participate in these meetups and can work together, share knowledge/resources wherever possible. )
2. Attendees talk about the projects they are working on (latest in technology, open source specific)
       — Hands on sessions
       — Knowledge sharing | Networking
3. Encourage students to be part of these meetups
4. Make a list of upcoming events
5. Plan/ brianstorm on events: hackathons, Java Script conference, etc in the City
Participants at the MozCafe – HYD:
1. Ananthula Srikar
2. Mohan arpit
3. Phaneendra Chiruvella
4. Rohit Vaidya
5. Saket Bushan
6. Santosh Kesiraju
7. Thejaswi Puthraya
8. Veeven
9. Vineel Reddy
It was great meeting you all in person, thanks for attending and thanks to Shakti Kannan & Thejaswi Puthraya in helping plan the meetup.
Sounds interesting? Get involved with the regional community!
Contact one of us or email me at vineel at mozillaindia dot org See you at the next MozCafe – Hyd! Stay tuned for more information.