The Story of a Hyderabadi Mozillian

Hello Mozillians,
     Here comes the story of a  Firefox Student Ambassador from
Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology,Hyderabad , sharing his experience about Firefox OS application development and his passion towards Technology.


Here comes his Story!!!     

OMGGG!!!  Developing Mobile Applications without an IDE ?

Are you kidding me? Without Changing a single line of code? 
May be in your dreams (* I thought)…With full support of HTML5 included with new set of API’s ? Hahaha…Now am sure you must be kidding…

These are my first reactions I gave after seeing the website I have been a mobile Application Developer from the past 6 months and has been developing applications for Windows phone and Nokia Asha Series. But as a developer I was never satisfied with my work.

It all happened about a month ago when I got selected as Firefox Student Ambassador. “App of the Month”contest is running from the past two months with a new special theme for every month.The contest is really exciting but I could not participate in it for the past months because of some other stuff. Finally the theme for September is being announced as “Study” and This time, I am not gonna leave you is what all I actually thought. As I am new to this environment I started out with a simple Hello World app and wrote the required app manifest file but I could not run it on the emulator(*some evil minded errors and warnings interrupted me). So I had two choices, either to leave this shit or clean this shit (As a mozillian I selected the later one). I started googling all the errors,read many developer blogs,used some sample app manifest files.Anyhow I made it (*Thanks Google and my fellow Mozillians).
       The First stage of my application development with theme as “STUDY” has begun with Brain storming, Information Bubbling, Discussions, Free Writing, Being Creative (*Most difficult part for a Coder!!!Yeah it hurts.) After 3 days of continues analysis I came to realize that I am a student and I have better idea about theme STUDY :O (*The Funniest Part) …Then I got an Idea to develop my application.
What I thought is Why should not I make an Application that helps students (*with Short term memory loss Like me) to remember the essential things that are required while going out for a Study or an Exam like pen,pencil,eraser kind of things (*so important sometimes) so that people could check the list before leaving out for a night out or exam.
Yipeeeee!!!The Crucial stage of application development(*getting an Idea) is done which is later followed by Designing and Coding.Now the final Stage is publishing this app into the Marketplace,which is no way better than playing a game of “Truth or Dare“. I uploaded my app into the store , then started experiencing awesomeness again i.e.,  ***Errors*** . not a problem!!! I should wonder if I didn’t get any errors in the First attempt.
There came IRC(*My saviour). I pinged to one of IRC Channels #marketplace.The guys were really amazing and also so kind (*Yes I mean it!!!).They listen to all your dumbstruck,stupid,silly problems and comes up with an ultimate,awesome,victorious solutions.One after the other I solved out all the errors and successfully uploaded my app around 2:00 AM.Yes!!! midnight is the finest time for making some things to happen.people get some Magical Powers during this time which helps them to come up with new theories to solve out some hilarious problems.
     Choosing an app name is as important as picking up a Title for a New Hollywood Movie.I had questions in my mind while choosing the name.What does my app do?(Helps to remember things) Any movie name which is apt for the present situation…“REMEMBER ME“…yeah It feels silly but Robert Pattinson helped me to choose a name for my application.Finally I got my app reviewed and approved in less than a day.
      Hufff!!!Finally a Happy Ending same as that of a bollywood movie in which villian dies or go to jail (Like my errors),Hero and Heroine gets married (like my app got published),Claps and comments from the audience(like rating and review for my app).

Hope this Journey Continues!!! 🙂 


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Mozilla Rep,
[email protected]

Mozilla Club Initiative by SNIST | 14-SEP-2013

 Hello All,
         Finally Firefox club is being Initiated at “Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology(SNIST)”,Hyderabad which is Top Technical Institute in India.It all happened a couple of days before the initiative where Santosh(FSA of SNIST) had a discussion with Rep Srikar about initiating Firefox Club so that people would get a chance to work with the world’s largest open source community Mozilla.Then again a final Agenda was setup and There were about 15 Enthusiastic Students joined in the club.Srikar and Raghuram shared their Experience working with Mozilla followed by santosh telling them about coming up Activities and Events of the Club.
                 This Week i.e.22-09-2013 to 29-09-2013 The Students are going to Celebrate Firefox days at Sreenidhi. The Facebook page for Firefox [email protected] is being  inaugurated and the Registrations of the club are made available for the students.The page is already flushed up with many queries and suggestions. We were surprised by the Overwhelming Response from the Students and their interest for Open Source.
          Hope this Journey Continues!!!

Event Details:

           The Event was all about Intiating Firefox Club in Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology,Hyderabad.

Reps Event Page :

Who Organised?:

          Santosh Viswanatham,Firefox Student Ambassador.
          Mozillians Attended: Srikar AnanthulaRaghuRam


Mozilla Club Initative by Aurora Technological and Research Institute | 14th September,2013

Hi all, thank you for joining us. Today I want to share my experience about Mozilla as a Firefox Student Ambassador, which gave me few credits from C.S.E department (faculty and students). I would thank Srikar Ananthula and Raghuram Korukonda for this!!!! Okay now let me tell you how Mozilla-Firefox got started in my campus.Event Page Link :
The representatives of Mozilla had arrived to seminar hall at 10.00 A.M and students are slowly taking their chairs in the hall. While students were settling, we checked all our arrangements are up-to felt tensed at one point and thanks to my Club mates they acted cool in that point.Time has come to start the session, took the mike introduces myself as representing Mozilla-Firefox as student ambassador for 2013-2014. Now our guest orator took the floor and started his seminar with a question which made interactive.Then started introduced about him to students and started telling about Mozilla and its uses which makes life easy.
session was followed with :

  •  Mozilla & Its Products.
  • What is Mozilla Mission ?
  • Mozilla Manifesto Video!!
  • About Firefox OS!!
  • Firefox OS App Demo!!
  • How to contribute to Mozilla?
  • Q & A

Now after seeing unprecedented response and excitement to Mozilla-Firefox program, we have formed a club and we are going to start telling student to use Mozilla products and find-out what about them by organizing competitions and program in campus.

Logo Of Aurora Technological and Research Institute :

Goal Of Aurora Technological and Research Institute

  • To organize events on Mozilla products and promote them in campus. 
  • To make people put their thinking hat on.
  • Make it easy ans useful for everyone to learn. 

Credits :
First of all things I would like to thank Miss.Sujatha madam (Head Of Department of C.S.E ) for accepting our proposal and encouraging us to introduce Firefox Club in Campus and organize events on Mozilla. Hope we continue getting support in future from Miss.Sujatha madam and students as-well.

Now, I would thank our speaker Mr.Srikar Ananthula & Mr. Raghuram Korukonda for their support which was awesome.  They are good orator and makes things interesting and interactive, my friends who where present in session were thanking me for organizing the session the only reason of Mr.Srikar Ananthula & Mr. Raghuram Korukonda cause they share their experience and life in I.T industry as well-as Mozilla Representative.


Contact Aurora Technological and Research Institute

Facebook : 
Charan Reddy,
[email protected]

MozKarimnagar V 2.0, Revamp the futue | 2nd Sep 2013

Hi ,I am really super excited about the event happened in Vaageswari College of Engineering with the name “MozKarimnagar V 2.0, Revamp the future” which especially says that “This is the second version of the event” which was really super,awesome and huge success.

Event Details :

The event went very awesome rather than expected I can say.
We planned this event in 4-5 days before the actual date of the event.

Number of Participants attended for the event : 300 +
(Surprisingly 3:1 ratio for Girls to Boys which made us more excited 🙂 (Not about girls 😉 but their interest towards Mozilla 😛 )

Who Organized:
Reps attended : Srikar & Srikanth(Organizer)
Mozillians attended : +sai kiran  , +Raghu ram   , Jai Kasyap (Update the links)

Agenda :

1.Mozilla Introduction – Sai Kiran & Srikanth
2.HTML5,CSS3- Raghuram
3.Firefox OS App Dev- Srikar,Srikanth,Sai Kiran, Raghuram
4.Webmaker ,SUMO,Womoz-Jayanth, Raghuram

Participants :

  1. It was so nice and we learnt a lot.
  2. We understood HTML 5 concepts, Hands on sessions we more awesome.
  3. Remixing Timble is fun.

Principal of College:
Since this event was a huge success, I am very thankful to Mozilla Team who made this huge success. We shall plan a 24 hrs Hackathon in this college.
We : Thanks a lot sir. will sure do it 🙂

Newspaper Clippings :

Sakshi News Paper :
Eeenadu News Paper :
The Hindu News paper:


  1. OpenSource outreach : 100%
  2. Mozilla Products Awareness : 100%
  3. Firefox OS Apps to be published in the Maketplace : 3
  4. Firefox Student Ambassadors signups : 50+ (From various colleges)
  5. New Contributors to Mozilla : 100%
  6. Featured in News Paper : Covered 2 Local , 1 national papers
  7. Mozilla Karimnagar Community becoming stronger community
  8. WebMakers : 20+
  1. No Budget was requested for this event and achieved above metrics which felt us so proud !
  2. Tweets #mozknr 250+ in a day beating all time records of #firefoxappdaysIN
  3. Found that etherpad cannot be accessed by not more than 64 people at a time.

Best Tweets about the event : #mozknr

  1. mentors are just awesome they are very helpfull and cooperative


  2. thanks for the info… webFWD
  3.  @ananthulasrikar . Its like wow here!Power of HTML5 infront!!

Success Party :
After the event which had been grant success, Organizers gave the Speakers Team surprise by cutting the cake since the event was grand success.


I would like to thank specially +srikanth namu for organizing this wonderful event, and thanks to even +sai kiran , +Raghu ram , +jayanth kashyap , +Mukesh Thodupunoori for taking sessions and interacting a lot with the students to explain them very clearly.

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Ananthula Srikar,
Mozilla Rep(REMO) Hyderabad,INDIA
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