Mozillian’s Meet @SNIST

Hello All,
     Here comes another Meet from the Active Mozillians of Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology,Hyderabad.It has been about three months after the formation Firefox Club at SNIST, The Technical Enthusiasts Irrespective of all Branches and Years have joined the Club to contribute to the World of Open Source.


  • Discussing about the Last week session and the Response from Students.
  • Discussions and Decisions about the upcoming Firefox app days in January.
  • Welcoming New Students to the Club.
  • Distribution of Mozilla Badges and Stickers.

      And Finally wishing everyone with “All The Best” for their Exams… 🙂


                Santosh Viswanatham ,Mozilla Student Rep,Firefox Student Ambassador.

                 The meet was about 40 minutes and was attended by 30 students of the club.It was all kind of awesome meet that we never had.That was all funny.we discussed about the happenings after the Last week session and the response from students.The response was beyond the expectations,we never expected such a response from students.Everyone is so excited to build applications for Firefox OS mobile.So the intention to Host Firefox OS Days has Strengthened and most Probably the Firefox Club is Planning for the Event in January. Finally the people felt so Happy and Determined to have Firefox Stickers for their Laptops and PC’s.
            Hoping for a Great Support and Encouragement from Mozilla India!!!

Firefox OS Application Development

Hello All,
      The Firefox Club of Sreenidhi Institute of Science and Technology has organised an Open session Regarding Development of Applications for Firefox OS Device.The session was for about 2 n half hours from 16:30-19:00 on 19th November 2013. The Session went great with half n hour of Interactive session and the Excitement flushed up when people were given some goodies(Thanks to Srikar Ananthula for the Goodies 🙂 ) .The First student Sudarshan reddy who got his App Published in the Marketplace was Awarded with a Mozillian T-Shirt from Santosh.Congratulations Sudarshan!!!
Speaker and Organiser:  Firefox Student Ambassador and Mozilla Student Rep Santosh Viswanatham

Session provided topics for attendees:
Number of Attendees: 100+



                   The Session had a kick start introducing #About_to_be_released firefox OS mobile and then allowing every one to touch test press wat ever and what not….!It was followed by introduction about OPEN SOURCE, the word that ignited their minds and pop up with questions about “Security, Plagarism” etc. Now started the technical part, about “DREAM” weaver that makes app developers dreams come true.After few queries, I explained how to do a basic app and then deployed it on Firefox OS simulator.
            Thank you Sreenidians for your Kind Support and Involvement!!!