Womoz Rise @ Bhoj Reddy Engineering College for Women | 31st Aug,2013

Hi all,This is the first women targeted event to encourage Women Contributors to contribute to Mozilla by +Mozilla Club Hyderabad which has got good response in which more than 130 young engg students from Bhoj Reddy Engineering College for Women. attended this session.Event planning and executing took very long time, since in Hyderabad its very difficult to get the permissions from the colleges to conduct sessions i.e., this kind of sessions related to open source & stuff.

And hardly found a student from Bhoj Reddy college named “Sruthi” who is very passionate and wanted to learn and make others learn about Open Source, hence forth mozilla ūüôā

I said that there are very less women contributors from our area, so we need to focus on this in order to get the number of women up, so I was planning for a “Womoz” session in their college. She approached Head of the Department(HOD) regarding the same, she accepted. Even though HOD accepted, due to exams and hectic schedule & several other issues we are not able to conduct the session.After a month, got a call from faculty (Faculty name is Naresh Sir, who helped a lot to do this) of that college lets do it tomorrow !! Are u ready ?? As usual I replied “Yes ! I am” .

Started on the next day i.e., today reached the college, all set and woww thats amazing 120 Young girls are ready to listen to my session. OMG !!!!!!! Thinking now in my mind !! “Can I take session to these many girls, and only one man army here”¬† ???? It seems like very tough task to me !

How ever started by motivating myself !! Started with What is difference between open source & proprietary  ??? Why Open Source ?? Why not Proprietary ??

Discussion started, & questions bombarding too !!

Answered all of them, and many are interested to start contribution.

Explained them various projects like SUMO,NEMO. Explained about WOMOZ etc.,

Thanks a lot to +Sruthi Yapalapalli who helped me a lot in organizing this, Thanks a lot to Naresh Sir, Shravan Sir, HOD of CSE for giving me this chance to present to Mozilla and motivating lot of women to contribute to open source. Hope they motivate students and help them in contributing to open source projects. Thanks a lot once agian.

Event page link : https://reps.mozilla.org/e/moz-rise/
Flickr link :  http://www.flickr.com/photos/ananthulasrikar/sets/72157635465154299/

Ananthula Srikar,
Mozilla Rep(REMO) Hyderabad,INDIA