Mozilla Club Initiative by GRIET | 24-AUG-2013

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All of sudden some unexpected things happens πŸ™‚ and let me share the story of Mozilla Club Initiative by one of the best engineering college in our state with the great Vision & Mission i.e.,Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute Of Engineering And Technology (GRIET)

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Yesterday when I was in the office , I suddenly got a call from a student with name +Mukesh Thodupunoori saying that he need to conduct a session regarding the Mozilla and start the Mozilla Club in their college.

I was so surprised and asked him few questions below.

1. Why are you going to start the club in the college ?
+Mukesh ThodupunooriΒ  : I was so impressed , interested, excited by the activities of whatΒ +Mozilla Firefox are doing in various places in India and I want my college students to be part of this great initiative ,join and support for the Open Web #rightnow.

2. How are you going to kick start then ?
+Mukesh Thodupunoori : I was running a facebook page (Firefox OS) ,started contributing to localization as well and wanted Me (+Srikar Ananthula) to present a introductory session on Mozilla and how to get started , so we proceed further with more activities in college

3. What made you to join this community ?
I Loved the mission of the Mozilla that is the Non Profit Organization, which helps to make the web better and thus started the journey towards it πŸ™‚

4.When are planning to do it ?
+Mukesh Thodupunoori : Tomorrow morning itself. I said “Are you sure?” .He answered in confident manner “Yes, Tomorrow”. I was impressed and said “Ok ! Lets do it tomorrow”.

All set with in a day. +Mukesh Thodupunoori got permission from the respective authorities in the college and mailed me with the positive response saying that all set, you can come tomorrow.


Arrived at college by 9:30 AM and every one was starring at me (Common Phenomenon πŸ˜› ) on seeing T-shirt of Mozilla which I wore πŸ˜‰

I was so habituated to this kind of situations since past, but even though, some sort of different feel every time πŸ˜‰

Introduced myself to Head of the Department explaining about myself and how i joined this great community. Explained her about my recent activities as well.

Time for the session to start !!

Started Intro as usual about me πŸ˜‰ Then followed by the following

  1. Mozilla & Its Products !!
  2. What is Mozilla Mission ?
  3. Mozilla Manifesto Video !!
  4. About Firefox OS !
  5. Firefox OS App Demo !
  6. How to contribute to Mozilla?
  7. Firefox Club GRIET πŸ™‚
  8. Q & A

They started club and many students are interested to start contributing to mozilla πŸ™‚

Finally we got couple of students to engage in Mozilla Community activities.I am so happy for that !!


First of all I would like to thank Dr.Y.Vijaya Latha Madam Garu (Head ofΒ  Department of IT) for accepting and granting us permission to continue the firefox activities in college. πŸ™‚ and encouraging students towards Open source world.

Thanks a lot to +Mukesh Thodupunoori who took the initiative for this and working hard for this. Hope you continue the same inspiration in future with support of Vijaya Latha Madam and students as well.

Surprising moment !! which made us feel wow !!

Me ( +Srikar Ananthula ) and +Mukesh Thodupunoori we about to leave the college premises and same time College Principal was walking side ways !!

+Mukesh Thodupunoori : Good Afternoon Sir !! πŸ˜€ ( Sir was Principal of the College)

Principal Sir saw the logo ofΒ  “Firefox” on our T-shirt !! ( #excitedΒ )

Principal: From where did you get this T-shirt ?? (with smiling)
We both answered, as we are part of Mozilla Community we got it πŸ˜€

Principal: Why are you both wearing this Firefox T-shirt ?
I answered I am a Mozilla Rep,wasa here to start a firefox club activities in college sir ! πŸ™‚
Mukesh : I am going to start a Firefox Club & take the responsibility ofΒ  club activities of Firefox in our college sir !!

Principal : Where did you organize the session ?
Mukesh : In 1202 Hall sir ! πŸ˜€

Principal: How many students said they are using “Mozilla Firefox” as a default browser?
We said, that only very few use Firefox, many uses Google Chrome πŸ™ ( #worried )

Principal: I use “Mozilla Firefox” as a default browser and I like it ! πŸ˜€
We said “Woww !! Thats great :)” (#amazing πŸ™‚ )

Principal : How do u contribute to Firefox ?
We solving bugs via bugzilla and localization, explaining about their projects !

Principal: Ok!
Me : Sirrrrrr!! Just a min !! Here is your Firefox Batch,Lanyard & Sticker. (Gave Mozilla Firefox Swag)

Principal: Took them very happily and moved from there πŸ˜€

This is so wonderful experience, Thanks a lot once again for students who spent their valuable time and HOD for sparing us valuable time, & Thanks a lot to Principal as well πŸ™‚ Thanks to +Mukesh Thodupunoori

Hope you liked the post.

Thanks a lot for reading it πŸ™‚

Some clicks of the event :

Ananthula Srikar.
Mozilla Rep Hyderabad,INDIA,
[email protected]

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