Mozilla Makathon || 10-08-2014

Hola Mozillians,
We are Back again with blasting and learning WebMaker Party.
The event was scheduled at 10/8/2014 from 1:00pm to 6:00pm.
The Event was specifically for Webmaker Tools, but we also had many sessions and learning activities on #IRC, #OneAndDone, #MDN, #FirefoxOS, #Localization.
As a tradition we always start with our #Remixed Introduction(Name, From and Feeling) and followed by Spectrogram at Collab House.
The event started with Introduction by @Srikar with introduction to #IRC and the tools by which you can connect for example:
  • ChatZilla
  • Mibbit
  • Pidgin
And gave a small demo how to connect to the #moznet(Mozilla IRC Server) and how to connect to the channels and also spoke about different domains on which contributions can be done.
And finally he demonstrated the IRC using ChatZilla.

And then all the attendees started using Etherpad and IRC and showcased an online presence in #MozillaIndia, #MozillaQA & #MakerParty.



After we had a break for 10 minutes where the attendees interacted with each other.

Post break, The sessions was on Etherpad(Collaborative tool), and then we splitted the attendees into 6 groups with a mentor who can help them on their Hands-On and also to give a brief intro about tools.

The attendees chose their interest and sorted according to their specialization and worked on each activities in groups.

Srikar then showed a easy place from where the bugs can be sorted out easily according to the attendees interest, that was BugsAhoy – MozillaWiki. Then Srikar started with Mozilla’s QA initiative called OneAndDone, this included working on manual testing, automation, bug verification, mobile testing and more.
Srikar started showing about how to take a task and assign and work on those tasks with some steps to follow and complete the task.

The attendees did very interestingly and completed almost 64+ tasks(by all) and still some of attendees are still performing tasks and completing them.
And apart from this some attendees were involved in doing Teaching Kits and Maker Makes using WebMaker Tools.
At Last I would say today’s event was full pack Entertainment, Excitement and Energetic.

Special Thanks to Collab House for the Event Space and Srikar, Vineel for supporting a lot and make this event successful. 🙂

As we always get something special from each of the events we organise, this event’s key points are listed below:
1) 5 Webmaker Makes.
2) 5 AppMaker Applications
3) 2 Teaching Kits
4) 29+ OneAndDone Tasks
Finally the event #ended with awesome mentoring by @Srikar, @Sai Kiran, @Harsha,@Santosh, @Sumanth, @Sudarshan.


I should really appreciate the Mentors for their support and enthusiasm.
Special Thanks to Sai Kiran for #exceptionally

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