Steps for getting free Digital signature for your email from Comodo !

  1. Fill the details as required.
  2. You will receive email with instructions as below

  3. Open the link!SecureEmailCertificate_Collec2 and enter password as per instructions in email
  4. Firefox browser downloads and install certificate and stores in the browser.
  5. Export this certificate to your Desktop (place that is feasible for you) by navigating to Preferences Click Alt + T + O (OR) Type “about:preferences” in address bar.
  6. Navigate to Advance -> Certificates -> View Certificates -> select COMODO CA Limited (Appropriate one) -> Backup -> Enter password (which you need in step 8) -> Give file name (say gmail-digital.p12) ->Save

  7. Double click the exported file -> Current User/Local Machine -> Next ->Next -> Enter Password. -> Certificate will be imported to local user storage. Open Run (Ctrl +R) ->certmgr.msc ->Personal -> Certificates -> You will find a certificate with the email (Eg: [email protected] ) -> Right click -> Properties ->Give a Friendly name (so that it can be used while configuring certificate in outlook)
  8. Follow the steps for outlook 2016 in
  9. Now you will be able to send Digital signed emails from your outlook 🙂 You have a badge like this

Let me know your inputs/ comments. Congrats for learning how to send email using Digital signatures 😀

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